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Mac & Cheese Mondays

Every Monday is #MacMonday! $10 All You Can Eat of our creamy, delicious Mac and Cheese.

Burger and a Beer Wednesday

Hump Day got you down? How about a burger and a beer pick me up for just $10

 Taco Thursday

It takes two to taco! Hang out with us every Thursday for $10 All You Can Eat Tacos!

 Friday Karaoke


Come be a rockstar for the night at Karaoke! Every Friday night you get to lay down the vocals and rock out with us at JJ Bootleggers! Need a little liquid courage? $2 Bud Light Bottles will do the trick! 10p-2a





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About Us

JJ Bootleggers is one of Pennsylvania’s first moonshine themed restaurants located in our country’s birth place, Philadelphia.
The bar offers a great selection of libations but likes to focus on moonshine and moonshine signature cocktails. We did not forget about the beer lovers as we offer ten rotating drafts and a wide selection of canned and bottled beers.


Our food menu was created to offer some of your favorite comfort foods with an optional moonshine twist. The menu and atmosphere are perfect for a nice dinner or for partying with a group of friends and choosing several different small bites to sample and share. We’re open everyday from 12:00 pm until 2:00 am.
Moonshine – hooch, white lightning, mountain dew, XXX is an un-aged, colorless spirit made from cornmeal, yeast, sugar, water, and malt. The term moonshine comes from the fact that distilling illegal liquor was done underground or in the “moonlight”.
Some moonshine is now legal to produce and is rocketing into popularity. Today’s white lightning and flavored ‘shines are used in our recipes to create outstanding signature drinks.Bootlegging originated during the American Civil War, when soldiers would sneak liquor into the army camps by concealing bottles in their boots. During the prohibition era of the 1920’s bootleggers delivered illegal shine from state to state.